2023 Yongyang Special Steel Group Customer Symposium Ended Perfectly
Release time:2023-11-10

  After successfully holding the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of our group company, we held the 2023 Customer Symposium on 17th October in Yongyang International Hotel, communicating with more than 80 customer representatives from all over the country, talking about the development prospects and planning for development.

  Chairman Du Qingshen, on behalf of all cadres and staff of the company, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the customers for their help and support over the years. He pointed out that the thirty years' glory of Yongyang Company contains the efforts and sweat of all cadres and staff, as well as the efforts and sweat of the majority of customers. The cadres and staff are tied together with the company, sharing the same pains and suffering, and have struggled for thirty years with great efforts. The majority of customers for Yongyang company to bear the market risk, distribution company products, is the biggest support for the company. Yongyang always adhere to the "staff suffering, not forgetting the customer love."

  Customers are friends and relatives. Co-operation like a family, real, serious. For customer service is for their own service, each branch, each department must improve the service consciousness, for customers to put forward the views and suggestions, think of every way, take all measures, all the shortcomings and the impact must be resolved one by one in place. Close co-operation between all branches and departments, serious treatment, always cautious, go all out to cooperate with the sales, service customers.

  General Manager Du Xiaofang thanked the customers for coming to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Yongyang despite the long journey. Yongyang and customers help each other, complement each other, co-operate sincerely and establish a deep friendship. In order that Yongyang company can develop better, the majority of customers put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions, we must accept with an open mind and rectify as soon as possible. I hope that customers usually strengthen communication, feedback information, the company must be ready to solve, to provide customers with convenience. Yongyang company in the process of upgrading and upgrading equipment on the basis of strengthening management, careful operation, and strive to create three famous brands, to provide customers with better products, better service, hand in hand, win-win development.

  Sun Xiuying, vice general manager, said that over the past thirty years, the majority of customers and Yongyang unity and cooperation, side by side, and establish a deep affection for each other. Yongyang thirty years of wind and rain, the product sells well in all provinces and cities, some products are exported to Southeast Asia, which can not be separated from the efforts and support of the majority of customers. The customer's business is the company's business, the opinions and suggestions put forward by customers, will be collated and summarised, serious and responsible, one by one in place. Adhere to the customer as the centre, keep pace with the times, improve the work style, improve the level of service, with all customers together to resist risks and create brilliant.

  Vice General Manager Yang Bin introduced the company's production management, the company continues to improve the level of equipment and technology, optimise the production process, excellence in quality control, a strong guarantee of product quality and stable improvement.

  The customers expressed warm congratulations on the company's 30th anniversary and praised the brilliant achievements made in the past 30 years. They unanimously said that Yongyang has first-class equipment, advanced management and guaranteed product quality, and they have more confidence in the market sales. In the future, we should further deepen the cooperation and seek common development, at the same time, they put forward rationalisation suggestions from loading time, product inventory, image publicity, new product development and so on.

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