Ironworks and steelworks

  The first phase of the ironmaking plant: 3 fully enclosed raw material yards, 1 300-ton and 600-ton Maerz lime kiln, 1 180-square-meter sintering machine, 1 1,260 cubic meter blast furnace, with an annual output of 297,000 tons of lime, 2.4 million tons of sinter and 1.16 million tons of pig iron.

  The first phase of the steelmaking plant: 1 120-ton converter, 2 120-ton LF refining furnaces, 1 120-ton VD refining furnace, 1 eight-machine eight-flow billet continuous casting machine, and 1 six-machine six-flow billet continuous casting machine.

  YONGYANG STEEL is accelerating the steps in equipment and technology upgrading, and a rail production line was founded in 2010, which adopted the most advanced equipment and process technology in the world and represented the world leading position of the field.

  The annual capability of No. one steel making line is 4.45 Million tons, where 1.45 million tons are square blooms, supplying high quality billets for heavy rail production line. The main equipment of No. one steel making plant contain one hot metal bay, three hot metal desulphurization facilities, three 120 tons top-bottom combined blowing converters, two 120 tons LF refining furnaces, one 120 tons RH vacuum degassing facilities and one square bloom/ shaped blank conticaster.

  Continuous caster line is completed with casting protective system, slag detection system, mold electromagnetic stirring system, mold automatic liquid level control system and dynamic soft reduction system. The large volume and deep liquid tundish metallurgy technology also have been adopted to guarantee casting stability and quality of bloom direction.

  The capacity of rail production line is 800,000 tons annual. The main equipment includes two walking beam reheating furnaces, a high pressure water descaling device , two breakdown mills, a set of reversible universal rolling mill, a universal finishing mill,a horizontal and vertical straighteners, and there are a heat treatment line and a test center of for rail, which can do the performance of the heat treatment of rail on line and the flatness, dimension, Ultrasonic Testing as so on.

  The heating furnace adopts the most advanced digital pulse burner technology, which can ensure the uniform heating of bloom and the curve control of temperature of bloom direction.

  The layout of rolling is 1+1+3+1, and a UF finishing rolling mill is added after the universal rolling mill to improve the precision of dimension.

  The first automated testing and measuring line in China introduced from Canada NDT Technology Company, whose technology is taking a international leading position. The main equipment includes the Rail Dimensional and Profile Monitoring Unit, Rail Straightness Monitoring Unit, Eddy Current (EC) Testing and Ultrasonic (UTM) Testing, which can measure the dimensional and inspect the surface defects and internal quality online automatically, further guarantee the quality of finial products.

  The online heat treatment production line , which was imported from Germany SMS. The main equipment includes the electromagnetic induction heater, cooling module and guide device. The electromagnetic induction heater is used to constant temperature of 100 meters length rail, which can guarantee the minimum hardness fluctuation of the whole rail. The line can meet the different profile and strength heat treatment rail with the clean water as the cooling medium and control the cooling rate of different parts of rail by adjusting the water pressure of the nozzle.

  The physical and chemical inspection laboratory is a national comprehensive laboratory, gets the certificate of ISO/IEC 17025. The laboratory is equipped with the international advanced level equipment more than 80 sets , such as thermal simulated test machine, confocal laser scanning microscopy, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, direct reading spectrometer , X-ray fluorescence analyzer infrared carbon sulfur meter as so on, and more than 700 domestic equipment , which used for the physical and chemical inspection, product development and process optimization of rail.

  YONGYANG STEEL has a complete ISO9001 quality management system, and according to the 《YONGYANG STEEL rail product quality management manual 》,which on the basis of ITAF16949 advanced management theory, increase the stability quality of rail product.

Application industry: port and wharf, logistics and transportation, railway transportation, lifting machinery, mining, roadway, industrial production, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing.
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