To be the first steel solution partner to come to mind, when it comes to producing the most special and demandingproducts for our customers.


  To move humanity into a sustainable future by producing high-quality steel solutions Values

  Customer Focus:  

  Our customers' most challenging needs is our drive  

  Team Work: Because it takes a team to truly achieve the best  

  Invest in People: Because people matter most  

  Continuous Development: Perfection is not something achieved, it is continuously worked for

  〇 Enterprise spirit

  Seek truth from facts, be loyal and filial piety, govern the factory with virtue, and repay the society.

  〇 Five to five don't

  Be united, not divided;

  Communicate more and don't intrigue;

  Learn from each other's strengths and don't be self-righteous;

  Work hard and don't use power for personal gain;

  Be realistic, don't be smart.

  〇 Eight-character policy

  Publicity, morality, loyalty, filial piety, ability, faith, benevolence, righteousness.

  O Safety concept

  Safety first, starting from me,

  Responsible for corporate development and family happiness.

  One person worries about the safety of one person, and everyone worries about everyone's safety.

  Safety is saving, accidents are waste.

  O Environmental protection concept

  Set up a foolish man to move mountains and dare to teach the haze to change the blue sky.

  Build a garden-style factory and take the road of green development.

  O Quality concept

  There is no moderate overabundance of mass,

  There will be no overall market victory.

  Those who do not pay attention to quality are eliminated.

  O Development concept

  Gather talents from all over the world and refine high-quality special steel.

  Respect the justice of the world and create a brilliant enterprise.

  Be diligent and thrifty, and never forget the true character of farmers.

  Work hard and insist on starting a business for the people.

  O Business philosophy

  If you want to be happy yourself, make your users happy first.

  If you want to make money yourself, let users earn money first.

  Harmony, respect, faith.

  Stress unity internally and credibility externally.

  O Market Strategy

  Create a quality brand, create a service brand, and create a reputation brand.

  Only with safety can there be profits, and only with quality can we survive,

  Only with credibility can there be a market, and only with innovation can we develop.

  O Saving concept

  Big savings start at the start of the project design.

  Small savings start with a single sheet of paper that must be used on both sides.

  O The concept of employing people

  Have both ability and political integrity, employ people on the basis of merit,

  Employing people's strengths, accommodating people's shortcomings.

  Virtuous and talented reuse,

  Virtuous and unusable,

  There is no need for talent, but there is no virtue.

  O The concept of retention

  Career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention, environment retention.

  O Service concept

  Concerned about the hardships of employees, do not forget customer feelings.

  Rely on employees, believe in employees, care for employees, and serve employees.

  O The concept of life

  Be a low-key person and do things with high standards.

  Be a man and do things in a down-to-earth manner.

  Don't say you can do it, don't say that others can't do it.

  O Six requirements for dealing with people

  Be a person first, then do things.

  Be an open-minded person and do things sincerely.

  Be virtuous and selfless.

  We must do things with sincerity and conscience.

  Be filial to your parents and loyal to society.

  The officer is sincere and honest.

  O Thanksgiving concept

  When you have no money, you can't forget your parents, and when you have money, don't forget the people who helped support you. Our company is located here, and when the enterprise develops, it is necessary to do something practical and good for the surrounding people.

  O Dedication concept

  A person's ability is big or small, and when a person's ability can only support the family, one should do one's best to make the family well. When a person's ability not only supports his family, but also benefits his neighbors, he should do his best to benefit his neighbors. When a person's ability is greater than this, he must benefit the villagers, make more contributions to the society, and realize the value of life.

Application industry: port and wharf, logistics and transportation, railway transportation, lifting machinery, mining, roadway, industrial production, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing.
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