I-Beam, U-Beam for Mine Working Support
Release time:2023-12-19

I-Beam Steel for Sale,U-Beam Steel for Sale


U Steel Arch is commonly used to manufacture tunnel retractable metal support, which is used for mine roadway, secondary support of mine roadway, and support of mountain tunnel. The use of U-shaped steel support effectively reduces the occurrence of roof fall, sheet wall and other accidents, is safe and reliable, and improves the stability of the mine ventilation system. U-shaped steel retractable support is selected to solve the problem of driving support. Tunnel arches in mine tunnels and roadways supporting provides not only a higher resistance but also a yielding support. When the surrounding ground reaches a certain degree, avoiding arch failure.

As a trusted supplier of I-Beam Steel for Sale and U-Beam Steel for Sale, we take pride in offering top-notch materials that meet the highest industry standards. Contact us to request a quote.

      YONGYANG U-BEAM, I-BEAM Steel for Sale
Name of Commodity Specification  Materials   (Steel Grade) Standard of Products Theory Weight (kg/M) Length of Dimension (M) Packed In Bundle With Iron Wire (pc/bundle)
I-beam of Hot-Rolled Section Steel for Mine 9# 20MnK/ Q235 GBT/T4697-2017 17.69kgs/m 8,9,10 28
11# 26.05kgs/m 18
12# 31.18kgs/m 15
Hot-Rolled U-Beam Steel for Mine Timbering  25U 20MnK/ Q275 GBT/T4697-2017 24.95kgs/m 8,9,10,12 15
29U 29kgs/m 15
36U 35.87kgs/m 15

Browse our extensive inventory of I-Beam and U-Beam Steel for sale, designed to provide optimal structural support and strength. Whether you're looking for construction materials or reinforcement beams, find the perfect steel solution with confidence. 

I-Beam and U-Beam Steel for sale

The I-Beam's distinctive shape offers exceptional load-bearing capabilities, distributing weight evenly across its length for optimal support. Meanwhile, the U-Beam's unique profile enhances rigidity, making it ideal for applications requiring additional lateral stability. Our I-Beam and U-Beam steel for sale are meticulously crafted to ensure maximum strength and durability, making them ideal for supporting the structural integrity of mines. These beams are engineered to withstand the unique challenges and demands of mining environments, ensuring safety and stability in your operations. 

I-Beam and U-Beam Steel for sale

Invest in the safety and stability of your mining operations with YONGYANG Company's premium I-Beam and U-Beam steel options. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can support your operational needs.

U profile steel arches instead of other frames, timber ones or different steel sections, in mining operations have the following advantages:

1. Higher resistance against transversal and longitudinal stresses.

2. Allow a very high roadway section convergence.

3. Easy and fast assembling.

4. Can be re-used after recovery and cold forming.

How to Judge a Real Factory/Manjufacturer ?

1)Ask for the photo of the product with brand tag of the factory, see if the name of the trade mark is conformed with the name of the company. Such as brand tag shows YONGYANG STEEL, is related with our company name HANDAN YONGYANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD.

2) See the video of the factory,if the name in the video is conformed with the name of the company you are dealing with.

3) From the Google map, look for the location of the factory, you can get the real satellite image of the factory.

4) Ask for free samples with the factory brand tag with it. Trading companies are unwilling to sent samples because they have to buy samples from the factory themselves,on the other hand the factory are most willingly to send free samples on condition that you pay the delivery fee on receiving samples.

5) If possible, ask your friends in China to investigate this company, or even visit the factory

YONGYANG Advantages

1) FAMOUS TRADE MARK-purchase rail tracks from the largest manufacturer in China, our customers can get qualified rail track with QC certificates, YONGYANG is one of the top 20 trade marks in China steel industry,viewed as the synonym of quality to clients.

2) AVOID FRAUDULENT-You will never be cheated either quality or price by trading companies ,when you purchase directly from the factory.

3) QUALITY GUARANTEED -In the industrial of rail track manufacturing, small factory or trading companies cut rail track and drill holes with manually machines resulting bigger tolerance,while we use fully automatic digital control large scale sawing and cutting machines , along with online ultrasonic inspection of cracks,large scale straighten machines, averting even single unqualified rail go out of the factory.

4) QUALITY WARRANTY- within 5 years, any unqualified rails should be substituted on our cost.

5) FREE SAMPLES- anytime we can send you free samples with brand tag YONGYANG on your request.

6) STOCKPILE- as the largest manufacturer of rail track, crane rail in China,we have a daily stock of 200,000 all kinds of steel rail product in the factory warehouse.

Application industry: port and wharf, logistics and transportation, railway transportation, lifting machinery, mining, roadway, industrial production, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing.
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